Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hi! I might get punchy with a card abit later, but no guarantees. Sorry.

9am - 2pm

High Quality stamps, scrapbook, Cricut, yarns, beads, fabric and general.
Vera purses
Vinyl Wall decor
household too!

There will also be 'tween boy sports equipment and electronics. 
     (Sorry I can't be more specific...the boy isn't ready yet.)

Hope you'll stop by - there's got to be something you simply NEEEEEEED!

Enjoy & THANKS for visiting!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Punchy for Punches Day 1

Hi!Hope your weekend was a good one! I enjoyed "a few of my favorite things." The Stamp and Scrapbook Expo was Saturday. Not an overly impressive event, but nice to earn more money working it than shopping it.I was so excited for two great CTMH consultants who were vendors there. I'm not biased or anything (?!), but their booth was set up the best. I hope they had a successful weekend! Sunday was my son's (my baby's) 17th birthday! I will admit to shopping the outlets in the afternoon, but only because he was at a motocross event. His great dad, my hubby, took him in the rain and my daughter made a yummy oreo cheesecake for him. (I did the presents part.)
So...it's going to be a week of punch cards, maybe a project. I think every company has some wonderful products. As far as punches go, Stampin' Up punches are by far my favorites and I own my fair share of them.
This pennant punch is new to their current catalog. I just got it and had to break it out of its plastic. Stamping on them was easy with CTMH letters since CTMH alphabets are by far my favorites. The background stamping of presents was an afterthought. I was concerned that there was too much "white space". In doing it again, I would probably do something a little different. (Getting the idea that I critique my work harshly?)
Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Comforter Card Day 4

Hi! Creating this week was so easy and fun using comforter ads as my inspiration. I'm liking this "theme" idea and thinking it will continue in some way for another week or two. Next week I might use punches or the Cuttlebug or the new CTMH Cricut cartridge. I guess I'll see what strikes my fancy! I'm working the Rubber Stamp & Scrapbooking Expo on Saturday morning, will I see you there? I'm hoping the extra cash I earn won't get me into "extra" trouble! Have a great weekend!

Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another comforter, another card

This is going to be a super quick post. I'm out the door for a date night. 
Here's a card I created from another comforter ad in the Target flyer. Come back for one last one tomorrow.

Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Continued Inspiration

Hi! What a simply gorgeous day! I sure hope today put you in a good mood as much as it did for me. As far as creating goes, it seems as though I've got a "theme" going for the week. Today's cards were inspired by another comforter in an ad. This one was in a Garnet Hill catalog. Not sure why I get it, because in looking at the prices, I sure wouldn't have ever ordered anything from it. Yesterday, I liked how the flowers popped on a black background. Today, a white background. personally, if I were buying one of these comforters for a dorm room, I would go with yesterday's Target one. It's cheaper, but also the black background wouldn't show as much dirt as the more expensive white one. Not any of that matters, however, because I'm not looking to buy a comforter. They just seem to be catching my attention.
Enough rambling, here the ad and the cards...

Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!

Monday, August 15, 2011

You're on my mind

Hi! Sure hope you had a good weekend, rain and all. I'm happy that I found some motivation today. It showed up just a few hours ago, but better late than never. I was looking through this week's Target ad to see what I just must go get, when I noticed the following comforter pictured. I liked the color combo and decided to give it a try on a card. It worked.

Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Promise Kept

As promised, I'm posting today to make up for earlier in the week. You'll be thrilled with the projects I'm sharing today since they're not my originals (they're better!). Hopefully my originality will return soon, meaning with something worth viewing.
Anyway, below are pics from the CTMH gathering I hosted on Tuesday. First is a box that contained a mini stamp set as my hostess gift. So cool that the CTMH Cricut cartridge can make this! Then another CTMH Cricut 3D project we did at the party and finally a circle card we also stamped at the party. See why I wish you all could have come?!

Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

No more broken promises!

Shame on me! I say I'll post Mon. - Thurs. and then I miss a day (or was it two?). I'll make it up by posting tomorrow (Friday) this week. I was paper crafting instead of posting. I hosted a CTMH party. Come back tomorrow and I'll show pictures of the great things we made. And anyone who would like to order anything from the new catalog, I'm not having the party submitted until the 15th. There's 2 awesome specials and you can take advantage of both. (If it's free, it's for me!)
So instead, you get a picture of this card to view. Nothing special. Honestly, it doesn't even do much for me, probably because I'm not a fan of yellow. I like the chair stamp embossed on a pattern paper to look like upholstery. I tried to make it look grounded by adding a "picture frame" to a "wall." Again, I'm feeling like the idea is there, but the result is not.
Boy I hope some creative juices start flowing soon!
Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!

Monday, August 8, 2011

CROP the day & night away!

Hi! So yesterday my post said I had an excuse for not posting last Friday. I was having a great time at a crop for 12 hours! Okay, to be honest, not ALL of the time was spent cropping, some of the time was spent socializing and eating. (To be really honest...some of the time was spent cropping and MOST of the time was spent socializing and eating.) Nevertheless, those of you who were there with me would agree we had a great time. The way I look at it is that anything you accomplish creating is a bonus.
Well, the make 'n take was a wonderful bonus! I thought, (and still do think) that the layout was quite nice. Thank you CTMH consultant extraordinaire!

Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where have I been?

Hi! Other than Thursday and Friday, I'm not even sure why I've been away from posting. I've been posting fairly regularly, almost 6x/wk. I must have some sort of life, even in the summer. So, I've decided...

for AUGUST, I will post 4x/wk. Most likely Mon. - Thursday. ( A girl's gotta have weekends, right?!)

So anyway, on Thursday I attended a CTMH home party hosted by a good friend and with a wonderful consultant (and good friend.) Below is the card we created complete with a lovely 3D flower made from CTMH's awesome new Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge. Every crafter NEEDS this cartridge and can easily order it by coming to or placing an order from my CTMH party on  this Tuesday. (Contact me for more info.)
Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Enjoy Life's Moments

"Enjoy Life's Moments" Easy to say. Harder to stop and do. Today I was lucky enough to enjoy several of life's moments with my son. He'll be a senior this fall, although I don't believe it, and he tagged along on a few errands with me, something he's not known to do. We got alittle punchy and shared a few laughs...a moment to remember.

Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!