Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Continued Inspiration

Hi! What a simply gorgeous day! I sure hope today put you in a good mood as much as it did for me. As far as creating goes, it seems as though I've got a "theme" going for the week. Today's cards were inspired by another comforter in an ad. This one was in a Garnet Hill catalog. Not sure why I get it, because in looking at the prices, I sure wouldn't have ever ordered anything from it. Yesterday, I liked how the flowers popped on a black background. Today, a white background. personally, if I were buying one of these comforters for a dorm room, I would go with yesterday's Target one. It's cheaper, but also the black background wouldn't show as much dirt as the more expensive white one. Not any of that matters, however, because I'm not looking to buy a comforter. They just seem to be catching my attention.
Enough rambling, here the ad and the cards...

Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!

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