Thursday, August 11, 2011

No more broken promises!

Shame on me! I say I'll post Mon. - Thurs. and then I miss a day (or was it two?). I'll make it up by posting tomorrow (Friday) this week. I was paper crafting instead of posting. I hosted a CTMH party. Come back tomorrow and I'll show pictures of the great things we made. And anyone who would like to order anything from the new catalog, I'm not having the party submitted until the 15th. There's 2 awesome specials and you can take advantage of both. (If it's free, it's for me!)
So instead, you get a picture of this card to view. Nothing special. Honestly, it doesn't even do much for me, probably because I'm not a fan of yellow. I like the chair stamp embossed on a pattern paper to look like upholstery. I tried to make it look grounded by adding a "picture frame" to a "wall." Again, I'm feeling like the idea is there, but the result is not.
Boy I hope some creative juices start flowing soon!
Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!

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