Friday, July 15, 2011


Happy Weekend! Of course I am in no hurry for the week(s) to go by, but we all enjoy weekends.

I'm not a big fan of roses, however, I do like this rose stamp. On the first one, I tried to make the edges darker by rolling the edges of the stamp in the ink. Then I thought Stickles would add a nice touch. In an attempt to add sparkle, the Stickles took away my attempt to make the edges darker. In fact, the Stickles lightened the edges even more. If anyone has a tip for me, I'd be happy to learn.
The second one (with only red roses) is for my husband for our anniversary. For that reason, I kept it simpler - nothing with pop dots or sparkles. I almost used lace (I thought "romance"), but decided against it. I am happy with the results. I'm guessing my husband will too. (He better be!)

Enjoy & THANKS for visiting!

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