Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Craft Your Art Out!

I had the pleasure of working with 11 girls for a new session with the Victor Parks and Rec. It was a quiet group that opened up over the 4 days. Day 1 was a "road trip/vacation" theme. We made Tic Tac Totes (a travel game), funky multi-colored crayons and water bottle carriers.

Tic Tac Totes were made from small (6" X 6") totes, ribbon strips, puffy paint and pom poms for game pieces that were stored inside the totes. I'm amazed that puffy paint is still used and that even the 2nd grade girls could use it well. Here's the final results...

The crayons were done by putting broken up pieces of old crayons in a mini muffin pan and melting them down on low heat for a short time in the oven. Honestly they didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. I think the colors ended up mixing too much. Luckily the girls liked them none the less.

Lastly, the water bottle carriers. These were an innovation I came up with using thin, rectangular mousepads and that ol' camp favorite - boondogle (sp?). You know it,it's that plastic string stuff. Anyway, hole punches were done along the bottom and sides, making it easier to "sew" together, and then the a hanging string was braided together to a desired length. (P.S. the bottom was gathered with it's own piece to form the bottom.)

Suffice it to say, we were busy for a full 2 hours. More to come on our other creations.

Enjoy and THANKS for visiting!

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