Thursday, July 7, 2011


Is it possible? Could I actually be bored? It's possible, but unlikely. It's only the 2nd week of school vacation. I think I just couldn't get myself super motivated today. I checked a couple things off the "to-do" list, but spent most of my time on the computer. Snapfish has a special that expires tomorrow - 99 prints for 99 cents - only I can only come up with 65 prints. So I need to find 34 more prints I want. I should probably just order 34 copies of one of the pictures and be done with it! It'll still be a deal.

So anyway, here's a card I made in the spring. So cool. Never thought I could do this. Not too hard to do. Just a few steps. Stamp background on plain paper. Clear emboss the flowers next. After that sponge ink over it until you get your desired look. The embossing resists the ink. Like I said, cool, huh?

No post tomorrow, I'll be at a crop with friends.

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